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Travelling Tykes makes travelling with your kids as easy as being at home 

Are you spending your vacation in Vancouver or Whistler? Coming to Vancouver for business and bringing the family? Are the grandkids coming to visit for the week?

Packing or having on hand all the necessities a baby or small child needs isn't practical, or possible.  That's where Travelling Tykes comes in.  

You might be thinking ' We don't need that stuff, it's only for a week or so, we can get by'  but remember this:
If your baby is more comfortable then you are too.  If your baby feels at home they'll be happier and you can enjoy your vacation that much more.  Lets face it, not having to pack and lug around all those extra things will make the actual travel day a much more pleasant experience.

Unlike other rental companies we are entirely local, that means:  
  • We can be there to assist in set up
  • Get you last minute deliveries and be there quickly should anything go wrong or need replacing. 

Other companies aren't in Vancouver and courier their products to you. We hand deliver them to the airport, your home or hotel,  guaranteeing you are happy with our products. 

Whether it's a single item, one of our easy travel packages or our "Urban Baby Basket" (containing organic baby food, diapers and other essentials you need for baby) Travelling Tykes is the company to call while in the Vancouver or Whistler area when it comes to your baby's safety and comfort.